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Maxam Lockback Knife

Cheap Pocket Hunting Knife

Posted by Ken

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Maxam Lockback Knife As much as we love a good bargain, there's definitely something wrong with a partially-serrated folding knife on sale for a buck! It raises an important question: what is this knife worth if you can't get more than a dollar for it?

The description makes it sound better than it is. The Maxam has a 420 stainless steel partially-serrated blade with a lockback mechanism in the handle. The lifetime warranty isn't bad, though, and we'll give Maxam a small boost for that.

But you really shouldn't spend a handful of change on a knife like this, unless you're never going to use it. Maybe for a Halloween costume, but certainly not for real-life use.

For one thing, what the heck is Leymar?? Anything that elusive shouldn't be advertised. Granted, it's a very lightweight material, but it isn't found on many other tools.

If you're looking to get an inexpensive lockback pocketknife with a serrated edge, please get something built to last. How about the Gerber Gator for starters? The construction is solid, the materials are reliable and, while it's not a buck, it's very affordable.

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