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Mundial Knife Sharpening Steel 5100

Professional Restaurant Cutlery Hone 10 Inch White

Posted by JT Hats

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Mundial Knife Sharpening Steel 5100 Mundial of Brazil offers this professional-quality honing steel for both home and restaurant use -- buy one and it should last a lifetime.

This 10-inch sharpening steel with ergonomic polyacetal grip uses a micro-grooved surface with the hardness of a steel file to reset blade edges without removing steel from the knife. In most cases, that's all that's needed to put an edge back to proper working condition.

Mundial knives and most other brands of cutlery are tempered to actually roll an edge over when it encounters a hard surface. Usually that happens on a scale so small it's barely visible -- that's the reason experts hold an edge to the light and look for a telltale glint. When there's no surface to reflect light, you know the blade's sharp. Dulled edges usually only need to be set upright again, not ground, and that's the purpose of a honing steel. A few strokes are enough to put the edge back in line.

Mundial's sharpening steel works well on blades tempered to European standards and 10 inches or less in length. Resetting blades longer than the steel can be awkward, and if that's a frequent part of your day, getting a longer steel to match does make sense. Owners of harder blades such as Shun should follow the recommendations of the manufacturer -- some fine blades are tempered hard enough to chip cutting edges against a honing steel.

For an equivalent honing steel with less of the "institutional kitchen" look of this restaurant-quality hone, see the Wusthof Grand Prix 10-inch Honing Steel.

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