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Mundial Steak Knife Set, Serrated

Stainless Steel Forged White Polyacetal 5100

Posted by JT Hats

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Mundial Steak Knife Set, Serrated The white polyacetal handle slabs of these fine steak knives from Mundial are their most striking feature, but there's excellent quality in the stainless steel construction as well. Mundial's 5100 series knives are forged from a solid bar of high carbon stainless steel using the same processes as for their rugged prep knives.

These knives are still made in an older forged bolster pattern. There's more steel and more weight than is absolutely necessary in a steak knife, but many diners and chefs still prefer the look of traditional German cutlery. The heritage of this Brazilian company, begun by an emigrant from Germany, is obvious when you compare these blades to Wusthof or Henckels. The style is straight from the foundries of Solingen, even though the factory is in South America.

Polyacetal handles give the knives a more modern look, with the same proven triple-riveted slab handle design that has been top quality in the West for decades. The 5100 series comes in burgundy red, black and flawless white -- choose the last if you're adventurous. Though these knives should be stain-free in all senses of the word, careful hand washing is still recommended. Don't allow food to dry on blades or handles, and avoid obvious potential problems like pomegranate juice. Better safe than sorry where white handles are concerned. Mundial's warranty does not cover abuse.

The stainless steel blades have serrated edges where serration makes sense -- on the forward half of the blade. The knives should stay sharp for years, but seek a professional to seriously rework the edges of these good steak knives.

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