Next Day Gourmet Teflon Stainless Steel Cheese Knife

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Next Day Gourmet Teflon Stainless SteelWhether you think of better flavor or greater economy, when you buy cheese it makes sense to buy big. In blocks or wheels you get higher quality at lower cost. The problem with this is creating those neat sandwich sized slices yourself. If you buy a wheel, even dividing it into blocks can be too much for the ordinary chef’s knife. If you’re buying large to cut costs, you can lose that savings with slices that are ragged and three or four times the volume you intended to use.

Next Day Gourmet’s two handled teflon coated cheese knife helps home chefs deal with this restaurant level chore. Double durable plastic riveted handles at either side of this 14″ blade allow two handed control and maximum cutting pressure. No more dangerous stabbing and prying when you have this tool in your hands.

The dark teflon coating lets the blade slip through with ease, and residue wipes easily off the slick surface. You’ll definitely need a cutting block or board under this knife, to protect your counter or table top. Divide wheels or blocks into sections for grating or slicing, or shave slices as you go. Gap free full tang construction makes the Teflon Cheese Knife safe and strong.

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