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Shark Carpentry Hand Saw

Japanese Woodworking 12 Inch 10-2312

Posted by JT Hats

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Shark Carpentry Hand Saw Being able to cut a 2x4 at a perfect right angle with a handsaw is always one of the marks of a skilled carpenter -- with the European style of saw most of us know, accurate cuts take years of practice. With Shark's 12-inch carpentry saw, an improved version of a traditional Japanese handsaw design, those accurate cuts are within everyone's reach -- but better and five times as fast. In fact, considering the quality of the cut, this handsaw could even compete with machine tools.

Japanese handsaws operate literally backwards compared to European carpenter's saws. European saws cut on the push stroke, requiring stiffer blades and nearly inhuman skill. Japanese saws cut on the pullstroke, which allows their thinner blades to cut more accurately with less effort. The differences don't stop there. The blade of the Shark carpentry saw stays sharp far longer than the old type. When the teeth do dull, simply switch out the blade for a new one with perfect set. Sharpening Japanese saw teeth is an art all its own, requiring special files and exceptional patience -- so for most of us, replaceable blades are the practical way to go.

The 12-inch Shark will accurately and quickly saw through heavy stock a standard circular saw can't handle -- eight by eight isn't out of reason. Use it for crosscutting hardwood, softwood, and plywood, as well as accurate cutting of round stock and PVC pipe. This particular saw isn't made for ripping, but Shark makes alternatives in other traditional Japanese patterns which handle that job equally well.

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