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Ultimate Edge Sharpening Steel

Diamond Professional Oval 12 Inch 12W

Posted by JT Hats

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Ultimate Edge Sharpening Steel Applying industrial diamond abrasive technology to the already efficient honing steel most chefs know and use, the Ultimate Edge Model 12W Professional Diamond Hone polishes and resets the edges of high carbon steel blades. Though it won't do the job of a flat grindstone, the hone does put off that inevitable re-shaping.

The oval cross-section puts slightly more of the honing surface against the edge of the knife for faster work than a round honing steel. That extra surface also puts less stress on the nickel-diamond matrix covering the honing steel, which in some versions of diamond hones shows a tendency to wear off. If users notice a decrease in the cutting ability of the Ultimate Edge sharpening steel, that may be a sign of normal wear.

With any diamond impregnated abrasive, the first few uses are the most aggressive. As the topmost diamond crystals wear away, more of the cutting matrix actually contacts the work. The results become more polished. As with any abrasive stone, particles of steel will fill gaps between the cutting diamonds and clog the grit. Diamond hones should be rinsed clean after use to prevent steel buildup.

As the diamond hone breaks in, expect to see less steel removal and more steel polishing. The 600 grit effect should be much like the final stage of re-grinding with flat stones.

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