Wall Street Journal Names Best Top Five Knife Sharpeners

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The Wall Street Journal recently put knife sharpeners to the test, choosing five that stood out from among the hundreds of models available. Here are the results of that experiment:

WSJ’s “Best Bargain” went to the Accusharp, a small, handheld sharpener with a retail price at only $9.  It doesn’t produce a razor-sharp edge, and it’s not a very long-lasting product, but it does quickly take a knife from dull to sharper in an emergency.

The Chef’s Choice 1520 knife sharpener was awarded a title of “The Industrialist.” This is an electric sharpener was was very easy to use by the WSJ testers, although they also mentioned that it was as loud as a key-making machine at the hardware store. It works best on Japanese and other Asian blade angles for kitchen cutlery.

For gadget lovers, the Edge Pro Apex 2 was labelled “The Gearhead” due to its customization capabilities. No matter the bevel, the Apex 2 model has a waterstone to match. This one is also best used on Japanese cutlery, and its jig mount keeps the blade honed at precise angles so that the end result is extremely sharp. However, it does take a while to use, and it is the most expensive model that the WSJ listed.

The “Blue Ribbon” award went to the Sharpmaker 204MF by the well-known tactical knife maker Spyderco. It’s the sharpener for anything in your house or garage that needs sharpening, from kitchen knives with odd angles to hunting knives to shears. The learning curve can be a bit tricky at first, but it comes with a DVD to show you how to use it properly.

Last but not least, Shapton’s GlassStone sharpener was awarded a “Lifetime Commitment” title. Extremely durable and versatile, the GlassStone did not require as much pre-soaking as other models that were tested. Although the risk for accidents is high (holding the knife at the wrong angle, or letting fingers slip), the GlassStone provided a sharp enough edge that no polishing stones were needed.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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