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Wusthof Classic Forged Carving Knife & Fork Set

Comes with Presentation Gift Box

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Classic Forged Carving Knife &The six-inch carving fork and eight-inch carving knife in the Wusthof Classic Carving Set bring hand forged quality and strength to the dinner service. This elegant pair has a rugged build that serves equally well in the kitchen. As much care went into the production of this tempered high carbon stainless steel fork as into the matching carving knife. The Wusthof set is a good choice for those who still prefer the heavier European style of forged cutlery.

Both are forged from single pieces of Solingen alloy stainless steel. The six-inch tines of the fork are precisely tempered and rounded for minimal contact with the blade of the carving knife, protecting the edge from damage during use. The extra length of the double tines holds meat and poultry securely -- aiding in accurate carving and serving.

The Wusthof Carving knife features a narrow but strong blade with a plain edge easily honed with a sharpening steel. Heavier than many modern knife designs, the blade's bolster and full tang handle balance the weight of the blade and provide a secure grip. Wusthof's special steel holds an edge well and resists stains and corrosion. Taper ground with a strong edge, the knife won't be damaged by slicing through an occasional small bone. A few strokes of a honing steel sets the edge right again when dulled. Polymer slabs accurately fitted to tang and bolster remain stable and gap-free in spite of moisture and heat. With a look like dark hardwood, the composite handles last much longer than natural materials. Though you won't find many innovations in this set, it's a dependable pattern from a company well known for quality. The presentation box of brushed aluminum serves well enough for storage, but doesn't impress.

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