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Wusthof Culinar Cook’s Knife

Stainless Steel Chef’s Blade 8 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Culinar Cook's Knife An all metal Cook's Knife with an 8" blade and a sculpted handle of 18/10 cutlery grade stainless steel, the Culinar chef's knife from Wusthof almost looks too good to use. The quality extends to the knife's practical features as well, making it a prep knife you'd be tempted to use in dining service.

The forged blade, taper ground for slicing efficiency, has a higher degree of polish than the satin finish handle. A full forged bolster extends to the cutting edge, and the concealed rat tail tang is seamlessly fitted to the handle with a decorative but functional solid stainless steel rivet, embossed with the company logo.

This knife is built for tough jobs, capable of chopping through small bones as well as slicing accurate cuts of meat and thin shavings of vegetables. One of the most versatile knives in the kitchen, it is made with a strong edge that resists chipping and is easily sharpened. For many western cooks, this is the knife we use without thinking too much about technique--it's been in hand long enough that it's instinctive for us.

Care of this polished knife will include hand washing and drying and storage in a proper wooden knife block. Dishwashers may damage both edge and finish. Edge maintenance is simple, and the knife will usually only need a few strokes of the sharpening steel to stay keen.

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