Tactical knivesIn the military there’s general issue gear and then there’s the stuff you’d have if you didn’t get everything from the lowest bidder. Innovations and improvements usually happen in the civilian world first. Though there’s still good reason to stay with the proven designs like the Ka-Bar fixed blade knife, many companies now offer excellent high tech alternatives.

For law enforcement personnel and others in high risk professions, modern tactical knives offer greater concealment, lighter weight and sometimes even faster deployment than the conspicuous but dependable belt knife. These high tech knives often cross the line between civilian and professional gear. One handed opening is an essential feature of these folders, with some versions suitable for civilian use and others restricted to collectors and members of “privileged occupations.”

Modern tactical folders also lock blades into the open position nearly as solidly as heavier fixed blade knives. Blades themselves may snap before the lockback of a well made folder fails. Keeping such a knife clean and in top condition is as important as regular care of any firearm. Though there are many good high tech tactical knives, some experts recommend simpler builds over technically advanced designs. Two of the most famous OSS agents of World War II spent years refining the perfect tactical blade — their legacy, the Applegate-Fairbairn fighting knife, is a simple fixed blade dagger.

Some of Our Favorites

Few of us can argue against the practicality of a knife that opens with one hand. Our choice for the best tactical knife is the H&K Tactical Folder gives ordinary citizens a serviceable one-hand opening plain edge blade built to more professional standards — and it has a handy pocket clip.

The Meyerco 18-XRay can’t be confused with a penknife. This fully automatic switchblade with black anti-glare coating and combo edge tanto blade is very clearly a fighting machine.

A new style of fixed blade, the TDI Knife series by Ka-Bar, available in belt or ankle versions, conveys an efficient fighting style through the well designed pistol style grip.

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