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Ceramic Santoku Knife by Victorinox

New Kitchen Cutlery 7 Inch w/ Fibrox Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Ceramic Santoku Knife by Victorinox One of three new ceramic knives from Victorinox, this 7-inch santoku's improved design gives the knife three times the flexibility and five times the edge-holding compared to a selection of other modern ceramic blades. Independent testing by the Cutlery Allied Trade Research Association confirms these claims.

The thicker blade of the new Santoku also makes this a more durable knife than most modern ceramics. Users still need to observe the same cautions -- avoiding hard cutting surfaces and objects like bones, and not flexing or dropping the blade. Even though this knife is tougher, it's not bulletproof. Practice your knife skills and stick to perfectly straight cuts, or the edge could chip. Small chips won't seriously affect the cutting ability of the blade -- even the internal edges of chipped areas are razor sharp.

Ceramics offer so many advantages that the extra caution could be worth it. If you work with acidic foods, the ceramic zirconium oxide in this knife won't corrode or leave the tang of dissolved steel in your food. The zirconium oxide weighs about half as much as the steel in a comparable metal santoku, easing the load on wrists and fingers. Home chefs find that in normal use, the edge on this knife could stay sharp for years.

The durable black Fibrox handle formed around the ceramic tang cleans up easily, and the construction leaves no gaps for bacteria or food particles. Don't put this knife through the dishwasher -- wash immediately after use in ordinary detergent solution. The smooth hard ceramic has few pores and is naturally non-stick.

Sharpening ceramic blades is usually a job for professionals, but if you'd like to try it yourself, Victorinox also offers a Fine Grit Diamond Hone for touching up a dulled edge.

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