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Iron Chef Ceramic Chef’s Knife & Storage Box

Master Kitchen Cutlery, Nonstick 6 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Iron Chef Ceramic Chef's Knife &Master Cutlery produced the six-inch Iron Chef Ceramic Chef's Knife, but the knife is licensed by Fuji Television Network, producer of the very popular cooking competition series Iron Chef America.

With a blade of zirconium oxide, the cutting edge of this small Chef's knife is nearly as hard as diamond. That gives the knife unusual sharpness and a very long-lasting cutting edge. Ceramic blades outperform even the highest grades of modern cutlery steel. Zirconium oxide knives won't stain or corrode, and because the surface is non-stick, the knife is also easy to clean. Since acids have no effect on the blade, slicing acidic food will leave no metallic taste in the dish.

Using ceramic knives still requires some special techniques, since the blades themselves can shatter like glass if dropped, and edges may chip if used against hard glass cutting boards or bones. The knives work best on wooden or plastic cutting boards, and even then you'll need to learn some new rules. Swiveling on the cutting edge could cause damage, and any side pressure such as using the blade to crush a garlic clove could break the blade. If sharpening does become necessary, you'll need to consult a professional -- ordinary sharpening systems or honing steels will not do the job. Clean the knife by hand to avoid any damage from the mechanical vibration of a dishwasher. For proper storage, use the presentation box the knife shipped in.

Even considering all the precautions, this fine knife should impress anyone interested in a perfect cut, and if cared for properly will not need attention for many months of daily use. The knife does carry a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Broken blades are not covered.

See the Boker Ceramic Utility Knife for another good choice in zirconium oxide blades.

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