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Chef’s Choice Kitchen Knife Sharpening Steel

Diamond Fine Grit

Posted by JT Hats

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Chef's Choice Kitchen Knife SharpeningFew tools in the kitchen are handier than a sharpening steel -- except perhaps a diamond hone. The Chef's Choice 12-inch Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener is an example of what happens when you combine the cutting ability of fine industrial diamonds with the traditional chef's honing steel. The result is a familiar tool that works better than ever.

Ultra-fine grit industrial diamonds, embedded in a thin but permanent matrix laid over an oval rod of solid steel, form the cutting surface of this modern sharpening tool. The wide section of the oval allows more diamond-coated steel to contact the edge of the blade, which means faster results. This hone works well enough to actually shape a steel edge, not just reset it. The edges of cutlery usually fold in use, and ordinary hones straighten them up again. The diamond hone does remove steel and form a new edge. With the diamond hone, you'll be able to maintain an edge longer between major refurbishings.

If you're new to diamond abrasives, expect fast cutting at first and then a tapering off. New diamond coatings hold many small diamonds above the level of the tool's average surface. That first surface is rougher and cuts faster, but the scattered chips wear away quickly and expose the tool's true surface. The hone cuts slower after that breaking-in period, but does finer work. The resulting knife edge should be polished and razor-sharp.

Diamond hones last for years, but results are better if the hones are kept clean. Rinsing off the hone after use flushes out tiny particles of steel lodged in the surface. As with any abrasive, a glazed surface layer won't cut.

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