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Mundial Steak Knife Set by Olivier Anquier

Serrated w/ Hardwood Handle, 4 Piece

Posted by JT Hats

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Mundial Steak Knife Set by OlivierFrom one of Mundial's highest quality product lines, this four-piece steak knife set combines the design concepts of French chef Olivier Anquier with the Old World German craftsmanship of this famous Brazilian company. Add renewable Brazilian tropical hardwood to the good ideas in this steak set.

Chrome molybdenum stain-free high carbon steel is at the heart of these fully forged knives, but the most striking part is the ribbed hardwood handle. While most of Brazil's beautiful woods have come from endangered rain forest and questionable clearcutting methods, a few important species are now farmed and renewable. One of those -- Brazilian guajavira -- has the stability and hardness needed for the handles of kitchen cutlery. The guajavira handles of this set are both beautiful and functional, holding up well to hand washing and extremes in humidity and temperature. A rubdown with mineral oil keeps the finish in good condition.

These knives are very comfortable to hold with ribbed grips, strong bolsters, and a size that gives diners full control. The serrated blades of this set withstand hard surfaces and encounters with bones. Edges remain serviceable for years without sharpening. Take them to a professional when the set does need re-working.

Mundial's knives are still made to old standards and are heavier than many modern brands. In a steak knife set, that extra strength and weight isn't absolutely necessary, but it gives these knives an appearance and quality that's well above the usual lightweight, modern styles.

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