knife storageTwo things happen when you toss sharp knives in a drawer: edges get blunted and fingers get cut. If you own knives you need storage that’s convenient, and safe for both knives and people. Storage blocks of fine hardwood are the traditional answer, with slots that draw away stray moisture and protect edges from corrosion while still allowing fast access. This most beautiful answer doesn’t fit all kitchens, but companies make an effort to provide for every possible option, with blocks that rotate, hang under cabinets, or slide into kitchen drawers out of sight.

Magnetic strips can be very practical in small kitchens, requiring only a little handyman skill to securely hang and making use of space you never used before. The look is more space age and far less traditional, but it’s a very sensible storage solution. In action the strip is more like a sheath — knives draw rather than pull away, something which you’ll need to think about when placing the strip.

A good knife block in beautiful hand oiled beech or rock maple can be the focal point of the kitchen, a fixture to be polished and prized for decades. You might get few comments about the beauty of a magnetic knife strip, but the ruddy glow of a hardwood knife block is sure to catch a guest’s eye.

Some of Our Favorites

Designed by high-end knife maker Shun, our choice for the best knife block is the Shun Bamboo Block fits many knives, is built from a beautiful renewable resource and has horizontal slots that won’t dull your edges. A great way to go Green.

Even in a small kitchen it’s possible to have beautiful wood block storage, in the form of the Wusthof Under Cabinet Swinger.

The MIU magnetic knife strip keeps your knives off the counter, freeing up valuable work space and shows off your best looking blades at the same time.

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