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Epicurean Cutting Surfaces Magnetic Knife Holder

Natural or Slate Strip | 14 or 20 Inch

Posted by Ken

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Epicurean Cutting Surfaces MagneticIt's about time somebody made a nice-looking knife strip. Well, okay, there's the MIU Knife Strip. But that's stainless steel and not wood.

This magnetic knife strip from Epicurean Cutting Surfaces is made of the same knife-friendly material as their cutting boards.

The wood fiber composite material will not dull or scratch your blades. If you opt for the solid face plate, it's also the only material that will touch the knife, since that version hides the metal magnets behind the solid wood face plate.

If you opt for the strip with holes, the cutting edge of the knife will still not come in contact with metal, so you should be safe.

That face plate is removable, allowing you to wash it in the dishwasher. Unless you're hanging up dirty knives, though, this really shouldn't be necessary. And if you're hanging up dirty knives then cut it out.

The mounting bracket has a built-in level for easy installation.

This strip available in natural wood color as well as slate. Two sizes are available as well: 14" and 20". Also an option is a solid face-plate with no peek-a-boo holes as pictured at right.

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