Furi Rachael Ray Gusto Grip 3-Piece Knife Set

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Furi Rachael Ray Gusto Grip 3-PieceWarning: I’m about to say something bad about Rachael Ray. If this review ends abruptly, you’ll know that the lawyers got to me!

Okay, here goes: You can (and should) get better knives than these for the same money. Regular readers of this blog know that our favorite inexpensive knife set is the Forschner Victorinox Fibrox 3 Piece Set. Though, for a real treat, step up just a tiny bit in price and get yourself some Tojiro DP Knives. Check out our Best Kitchen Knives guide for the complete scoop.

Now, all that being said, this set of Rachael Ray’s recommended knives is really not that bad. The blades are sharp out of the box, they come with an attractive wooden case to protect the blades, and they’ve got no heavy bolster to get in the way of your “pinch” grip.

These are the knives that Rachael calls her favorite blades. Included in this set are 5-inch and 7-inch all-purpose knives, meant to blend the chopper knife with the cooking knife.

There are two features that really stand out in this package. First: the colorful red handle. It’s treated with the patented “Furi Guard,” an antimicrobial inhibitor placed permanently into the grip, making sure the handle doesn’t corrode over time. Second: the full-tang scalloped blade. These granton edges minimize friction and help cut through many different kinds of food. The blades themselves are crafted from German high carbon stainless steel.

All in all not a bad knife set. But you can do better.

Not a lawyer in sight. Phew!

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