The Ex Voodoo Knife Set Holder | 5 Piece Stainless Steel Knives and Rack

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The Ex Voodoo Knife Set Holder There are many different ways to store your knives, but none top this one for conversation value.

They call this one “The Ex” for obvious reasons. Though you’re free to rename it “The Boss”, “The Mother-In-Law” or anyone else you want to take a stab at.

The Ex is a five piece knife set with unique holder. It’s meant to evoke a “voodoo” doll, though in my tests it had no such effect!

The knives themselves are almost an afterthought. And, of course, you may elect to buy this piece for the holder only and end up storing your own knives in it.

The set includes an eight-inch Chef’s knife, a three-inch parer, a five-inch utility, an eight-inch bread knife and an eight-inch carving knife.

The blades are stainless steel and most customers are pleasantly surprised that they’re pretty sharp out of the box.

You’re not paying for top-quality knives here, as you might expect, but the shock value of the holder alone is probably worth the price.

Available in black, red, white, pink and chrome.

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