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Best Paring Knife Review

Shun Classic 3 Inch

Posted by Ken

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Shun Classic 3 Inch Paring Knife ReviewIf you're going to spend decent money on a knife, make sure it's one that you'll use frequently, feels comfortable in your hand and is made of premium materials.

This Shun Classic Paring knife earns our recommendation as the "Best Paring Knife" by fulfilling those three criteria.

For starters, any paring knife is going to be used frequently -- it's one of just a handful of "essential" knives for any kitchen. For more on that, see our Best Kitchen Knives guide. It's got an entire section devoted which knives are essential and which are not.

As for materials, the Shun blade's core is made of premium Japanese VG-10 steel. This allows it to be made sharper than just about any other kitchen knife you'll encounter. Around the VG-10 are layers of stainless steel to protect the edge.

The blade also features an attractive damascus-style pattern on it. That'll make you want to display it in your kitchen.

The handle is made of pakkawood, a resin-infused hardwood that will resist wear and tear. Its profile is a teardrop-shape, meaning it will settle comfortably in your hand.

While technically it's "stainless", you won't want to soak this knife or put it in the dishwasher. If that extra care is too much of a bother for you, you may want to look elsewhere.

This knife is pricey, no doubt, but for all that it offers, it's certainly one of the best paring knives out there. For a significantly less-expensive option that is not made of such high-end materials, see the Forschner Paring Knife.

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