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Hardwood Knife Block w/ 6 Steak Slots

Viking 9 Slot Cutlery Storage

Posted by JT Hats

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Hardwood Knife Block w/ 6 Steak Slots Viking's 9-Slot Knife Block offers room for a wide selection of prep knives, with eight slots available for paring, slicing, and carving and six more base slots for a set of steak knives. The wood strips laminated together for this solid hardwood storage block are rock maple, one of the best traditional choices for kitchen service and one of our most renewable natural forest materials. With routed horizontal bands that accentuate the rectangular look, the Viking block brings an eye-catching design to a kitchen fixture that's rarely noticed.

Horizontal knife slots require a little more attention when slipping a knife out of the block -- pull the knife straight, or the blade may bind. Vertical slots give play in a natural direction but also are rougher on blade edges. The horizontal slots place less stress on cutting edges and keep the cutting steel away from damp wood. Eight slots give enough room for the most used carving, paring, slicing and chopping knives in home kitchens. The largest cleavers will need a different home. Steak knife slots store six steak knives under the lip of the main block where they aren't apt to get in the way of work.

The eight-pound block is heavy enough for stability without taking up excessive counter space. Construction shows attention to detail, with all exposed edges carefully chamfered and the block itself raised on small plastic feet. Just tall enough to keep the block out of spills, the feet provide extra friction on wet surfaces.

For best care, a wipe down with mineral oil should be the only cleaning needed -- the treated surface repells sauces and stains. Positioning is one of the most important considerations. Keep the block away from heat and steam, and never put knives away while still wet.

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