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Viking Kitchen Knife Block w/ 4 Extra Steak Slots

Maple Hardwood

Posted by JT Hats

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Viking Kitchen Knife Block w/ 4 ExtraThe striking appearance of this 6-slot Knife Block with four steak knife slots from Viking -- makers of professional quality cutlery -- catches the eye and remains completely functional. The routed center bead separating the two main slot rows only decorates the block but gives it a clean modern look.

Solid rock maple strips laminated together make up the block, and even though the look is angular and sharp, all edges of the block have been accurately chamfered to make the storage block hand and elbow friendly. Four steak knives will store in the slots built into the base of the block and should be conveniently tucked out of the way beneath the main block, rather than trying to be the first thing you grab.

Slots are cut horizontal, which protects edges from storage damage but does make retrieving a knife a trickier process. Vertical slots are rougher on edges, but there's less chance of binding when you're in a hurry. The four plastic feet give the block just enough countertop clearance to stay out of most spills and provide a little extra traction to keep the block in place.

Part of what catches my attention is that the whole structure looks wide where most blocks are square. This makes the Viking block compact, able to fit up against walls and into tight spaces and still grant easy access to a few favored blades and a sharpening steel. If you expect to use more than a few good blades, consider Viking's larger 9-slot knife block.

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