The 20 Hottest Women Celebrity Chefs

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20. Rachael Ray

Is Rachael Ray overexposed? Author, TV show host, cookware endorser, and now pinup girl. She’s certainly one of the most recognizable and powerful women on TV today. But her personality and great looks has won over many a fan, and she’s got some cooking chops too. Me? I just say “Eh”. She still makes the list, but just barely.

Rachael RayRachael Ray

19. Shahena Ali

Possibly the best looking Accountant-turned-Chef in the world, Shahena is a regular columnist for Zaikha Magazine and has appeared several times on BBC Great Food Live. While she might be a “minor” celebrity, she’s a “major” looker.

Shahena AliShahena Ali

18. Laura Calder

Laura’s our pick for best-looking Canadian Celebrity Chef — she grew up in New Brunswick and now calls Toronto home. She’s best known for her work hosting the Food Network’s French Food at Home and is also the author of a similarly-titled cookbook.

Laura CalderLaura Calder

17. Mary Nolan

How, exactly, does one get to be the host of a Food Network series? Mary Nolan seemingly came out of nowhere to grab the host slot for Chic & Easy. Turns out, she applied to be a contestant on reality show The Next Food Network Star and was offered her own show on the spot! Probably doesn’t hurt that she’s so darn cute. Mary could even move higher if she’d opt for a better chef’s knife.

Mary NolanMary Nolan

16. Devin Alexander

It’s hard to believe that Devin lost fifty-five pounds fifteen years ago, until you take a look at her cookbooks. She’s written four of ’em, including The Biggest Loser Cookbook, which is a companion to the hit weight-loss reality show. She’s also host of Healthy Decadence with Devin Alexander. I don’t know what she’d look like with fifty-five pounds added to that frame but she’s looking pretty good right now.

Devin AlexanderDevin Alexander

15. Casey Thompson

Executive chef at Shinsei in Dallas, Casy is best known for being a finalist on Top Chef Miami. Does that make her a celebrity? Maybe not, but she looks so darn good, I don’t think anyone will object.

Casey ThompsonCasey Thompson

14. Tina Nordstrom

Tina crossed over from being a Swedish Celebrity Chef to being an International one when she became the host of PBS’ New Scandinavian Cooking. She also showed off her versatility by winning the Swedish version of Dancing With the Stars. Jättegott, Tina!

Tina NordstromTina Nordstrom

13. Sunny Anderson

Sunny is a staple on American food shows — she’s the host of How’d That Get On My Plate?, Cooking for Real and has co-hosted Gotta Get It. She’s also not afraid to put her pretty mug next to a tray of doughnuts, which is a bonus in my book.

Sunny AndersonSunny Anderson

12. Sandra Lee

Okay, I know some will say that Sandra’s not a “real” Chef. But c’mon, she’s authored thirteen cookbooks and has hosted a top-rated cooking show on The Food Network for six years running. And just take a look at her!

Sandra LeeSandra Lee

11. Katie Lee Joel

Katie’s done just about everything there is to do in the land of Celebrity Chefs — hosted a TV show, written a cookbook and married a non-Chef Celebrity. Is she any good at any of it? That’s not really for me to say — I just think she’s hot.

Katie Lee JoelKatie Lee Joel

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