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J.A. Henckels Four Star Knife Block Set

Forged High Carbon Hardwood 9 Piece

Posted by JT Hats

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J.A. Henckels Four Star Knife Block Set The Henckels Four Star 9-Piece Knife Block Set provides all the fundamental cutting tools the average chef needs, along with a space-saving countertop hardwood knife block. Polypropylene handles and the trusted stain-free high carbon Friodur blades give cooks the option of fast dishwasher cleaning. Edges and finish last longer with hand washing.

Each of these kitchen knives features the forged bolster that has been one of Henckels trademark builds. Forged from high carbon stainless steel blanks, the knives are one seamless piece of tempered steel from the rat tail tangs in the handles to the tips of the flat ground blades. Henckels even makes the paring knife in this set with the same forged bolster and ice hardened steel as the chef's knife. The small tasks will be less fatiguing with these full-sized handles.

Henckels includes a serrated and plain edged utility knife -- good for sandwiches and tomatoes and other fast slicing jobs -- and 8-inch meat carving and bread slicing knives. The true workhorse of the set is the 8-inch chef's knife, built strong enough for light chopping as well as the full range of slicing prep. Kitchen shears and a honing steel each fit their own slots in the 9-slot hardwood block.

As you progress, you'll probably find need for a wider assortment of knives than this -- the utility knives could be the least essential in the group. As a starter set, this is a good assortment and made to high standards, but the lack of a santoku (and no extra slot for one) could be an inconvenience.

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