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J.K. Adams Wooden Knife Tray

Cutlery Drawer Storage Maple ID-616 Large

Posted by JT Hats

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J.K. Adams Wooden Knife Tray The J. K. Adams ID-616 (top tray of the three shown) also comes in unfinished pine, so check the product when it arrives to make sure you've received the much superior Vermont maple version. Sixteen-and-a-half inches long by nine wide, the two-inch thick maple knife rack slides in one side of a kitchen utensil drawer. Slots hold six full-sized kitchen knives and six more steak knives or paring knives. The slanted handle rest allows easy access to your favorite cutlery. Edge-down storage and organized space prevents the jumble of sharp edges that threatens both fingers and blades.

J. K. Adams has manufactured high-quality Vermont maple knife blocks at its factory in Dorset, Vermont, since 1944. Adams knife storage systems are guaranteed against defects for five years after purchase -- Vermont maple should hold up long after that, since the local hardwood is especially dense and stable. Be careful of the new pine versions, however. Pine could be easily damaged by blades and split by accidental levering.

Wooden knife blocks offer the best protection for your good knives. To care for your maple storage rack, oil the wood thoroughly with light mineral oil before the first use. Dry your knives completely before placing them in storage to avoid problems with trapped moisture. Water absorbed by unoiled wood could cause the rack to swell and crack.

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