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Kitchen Breaking Knife by Forschner Victorinox

Curved Butcher Blade w/ Rosewood Handle 10 Inch 40130

Posted by JT Hats

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Kitchen Breaking Knife by ForschnerThe Forschner Victorinox ten-inch Breaking Knife combines the economical stamped steel blade of Victorinox's Fibrox-handled series with durable and natural handle slabs of beautiful, tropical rosewood. You'll get the practical quality you expect from the Fibrox version, but a more traditional look that's much easier to love.

This large butcher's blade is intended for dividing bigger cuts of meat than most households deal with today, but if you save money by doing much of the butcher's work yourself, you'll find the breaking knife essential. Hunters will also appreciate this capable blade, especially when dressing out anything larger than a deer. The high carbon stainless steel blade flexes slightly but has enough stiffness to follow a straight, dividing cut. Tempered for easy sharpening, it's simple to maintain with nothing more than a large honing steel.

The natural, tropical rosewood handle gives the knife real beauty but also is a good practical choice. One of the densest tropical hardwoods, rosewood is saturated with a waxy resin that prevents the wood from absorbing moisture, swelling, or splitting. The wood's hardness and shock resistance eliminate any chance of splintering. If badly used -- for example, washed repeatedly without oiling -- the surface may weather and turn grey, but a rub with mineral or cooking oil occasionally is all that's needed to preserve the color and luster.

For a larger breaking knife in stamped steel and black Fibrox, see the Forschner Victorinox Cimeter.

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