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Forschner Chef’s Knife, White POM Handle

Solingen Victorinox Kitchen Forged Steel Full Tang, 10 Inch 40651

Posted by JT Hats

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Forschner Chef's Knife, White POMForschner Victorinox is well-known for their practical series of stamped steel kitchen knives, but the company also produces fine forged steel knives like this ten-inch Chef's Knife. Forschner's forged cutlery is manufactured in Solingen, Germany, but receives finishing touches and quality control at the Victorinox facility in Switzerland.

The Victorinox ten-inch chef's knife follows a very respectable European pattern with a forged bolster that extends completely to the cutting edge. This gives the knife extra strength but slightly limits full use of the blade, since the knife doesn't slide completely forward through the work. If you use the old technique of slicing towards you instead of sliding the knife forward, the ten-inch-long fine cutting edge gives plenty of working room.

The classic Chef's knife as reproduced here -- with spotlessly white POM riveted handle slabs set over a strong full tang -- is intended for a wide range of tasks in the kitchen. The blade is heavy enough for tough jobs like dividing hard squash and blocks of frozen food, but the forward parts of the blade slice, dice, and mince efficiently. Skill with all parts of the blade makes this old style one of the most versatile.

High carbon Solingen stainless steel resists rust and corrosion, and the POM handle holds up to heat and moisture, staying gap-free and sanitary. Dishwashers and acidic cleaners could mar the finish and erode the cutting edge, so best care means washing the knife by hand in mild detergent.

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