R H. Forschner Steak Knife Set | Rosewood or Polypropylene Handles | Victorinox

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R H. Forschner Steak Knife Set Ah, our old friend Mr. R.H. Forschner. Is there anything he can’t do?

We named Forschner’s 3-piece set our best budget kitchen knife set a while back. Poke around OnlyKnives a bit and you’ll see we’re big fans of all of their knives. It’s no surprise really — made by Victorinox, Forschner knives have always struck a great balance between low-price and high-performance.

And the steak knives are no exception. They’re sharp, made of decent quality steel, lightweight, and easy to resharpen. Check out some of the reviews on Amazon and you’ll see that many others agree.

They’re available with basic black non-slip Polypropylene handles, with 3-rivet handles for a classier look, or with Rosewood handles for an old-school look and feel. The polypropylene are the least expensive, the three-rivet next, and the Rosewood most expensive of the three.

The POM will probably live the longest of those choices, with the Rosewood being a bit dodgy — wood and dishwashers don’t go together well. The Rosewood sure does look nice, though, and that’s why they cost a bit more.

You can’t really go wrong with these knives. They’re not the highest-end steak knife you can buy — for that check out the Global Steak Knives. But they’re also about one-third the price.

Find these Forschner Steak Knives:

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