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Shun Premier Slicing Kitchen Knife, Pakkawood Handle

Best in Blade Magazine By Tim Malzer, 9-1/2 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Shun Premier Slicing Kitchen Knife,The perfect knife for precision slicing of meat, fruit, and vegetables, the Shun Premier 9-1/2-Inch Slicing Knife fits the practical work of the kitchen and the showmanship of service. The combination of high-tech steel and hand craftsmanship won the Premier series the 2010 Kitchen Knife of the Year Award from Blade Magazine.

Shun took inspiration from the words of German celebrity chef Tim Malzer when designing the Premier TM (Tim Malzer) series. Chef Malzer believes that good knives make the work go better and improve the quality of the cooking. You'll have every chance to prove him right with this beautiful slicing knife.

Shun includes 33 layers of high carbon stainless steel in the Damascus-type blade, with 16 layers of tough alloy steel on either side of the cutting edge core of harder VG-10. Shun reduces cutting drag in several ways. The slightly rippled surface of the thin blade offers less resistance in the cut, breaking up contact between the steel and the food. The more acute bevel of the blade -- 16 degrees on each side -- slides into the work with less pressure. The main surface of the blade shows the traditional hand-hammered pattern of tsuchime, so that only the peaks of the wave pattern touch the food. The VG-10 core with a Rockwell hardness between 60 and 62 stays razor-sharp much longer than ordinary knives. All that adds up to a perfect cut and thin slices that fall away from the knife without tearing.

Shun also reworked the grip, creating a style western chefs prefer. The shape of the walnut Pakkawood fits the hollows of the palm comfortably and securely. Pakkawood's resin injection and layering give the appearance of real wood but exceed the natural material in terms of durability and moisture resistance.

For a really refined slicing knife, see the Yoshikin Global Yanagi Sushi Knife.

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