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Chef’s Choice 110 Professional Diamond Hone Sharpener

EdgeCraft Electric Sharpener M110

Posted by Ken

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Chef's Choice 110 Professional DiamondThe Chef's Choice lineup of electric sharpeners can be a bit tricky to navigate. We've written about the Chef's Choice M120 and the M130 previously, so now we'll tackle the 110.

First, let's get something out of the way... Chef's Choice stands out among electric sharpener manufacturers by making high-quality sharpeners that won't dull your knives and won't remove too much metal from the edge. Electric sharpeners have gotten a bad rap because there are many inferior models out there that you should avoid.

The Chef's Choice 110, though, is an excellent choice if you want to keep your knives sharp without taking on the uncertainty of manual sharpening.

The 110 has a slightly less powerful motor than the M120 or M130, and the warranty is one year shorter. As a result, you may want to pay the extra forty bucks or so to upgrade to the 120.

The 110 has the same pre-sharpening stage that the M120 has. This is an aggressive stage meant only for knives that need an overhaul, so use it sparingly. You'll find yourself using the second two stages much more frequently.

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