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Global Knife Block Set of 6, Includes G & GS

Yoshikin Kitchen Stainless Steel Cutlery Storage Review

Posted by JT Hats

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Global Knife Block Set of 6, Includes GThis 6-Piece Block Set from Global Yoshikin outfits your kitchen with five versatile all-stainless steel knives and stainless steel countertop storage built to match. The trademark black dimples of the Global knife grip also decorate the sides of the modernistic storage block.

In this set, you'll find two knives from Global's GS-series and three larger knives from the G-series. The GS-7 paring and spear knife's 4-inch-long, double-bevel blade and dove-tail handle design allows right or left-handed use during peeling and prepping of all types of produce. The larger GS-3 cook's or utility knife with 5-1/4-inch blade is recommended for cutting and slicing vegetables and meats.

Two of the larger G-series blades are plain-edged and all have a more traditional cylindrical handle shape. The seven-inch blade of the G-4 Oriental Cook's Knife will be the main slicing knife for meat, fish, and vegetables, while the G-3's longer 8-1/4-inch blade has the narrower style needed for fine carving. The only serrated blade in the set is Global's G-9 bread knife with a blade a full 8-3/4 inches long -- enough for most home-style loaves.

Global's handle design is seamless stainless steel bonded to higher-quality forged CROMOVA 18 high carbon stainless steel blades. This pattern is light and very well balanced -- final trimming is done by adding precise amounts of sand to the hollow handle, which is then permanently sealed.

The stainless steel knife block sits in a rubberized synthetic base with tough plastic edge protectors lining the individual knife slots.

For a smaller range of Global knives and a more compact drawer storage system, see the Global 5 Piece Set with storage tray.

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