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Petty Chef’s Knife by Kitasho, Full Tang Damascus Steel

Petit Blue Kitchen Gyuto

Posted by JT Hats

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Petty Chef's Knife by Kitasho, FullThe Petty Petit gyuto or chef's knife was created by the Kitasho Company of Seki City, Japan, a center of fine sword smiths for 800 years. Kitasho began more recently in 1948 and manufactures a broad line of chef's cutlery and hunting knives built to Japanese specifications rather than toned down for the western consumer.

The Damascus steel of this knife uses the same 33-layer build -- tough outer layers of steel around a hard VG-10 core -- that other makers like Shun also favor. The handle design is a familiar one to western chefs, using resin-impregnated layers of wood triple-riveted to a forged full tang.

Many of the same processes used to create the finest samurai swords were also used to make the Petty Petit, but this is not the same steel the company uses for its field knives. While stainless steel is a popular and sensible choice for a chef's knife, the company still manufactures field knives in the old alloys known for exceptional sharpness and strength.

The six-inch blade of the Petty Petit Kanetsune Gyoku cuts with the same precision as the best santoku but does not need the santoku's multiple hollows to achieve the same smooth cuts. This knife's rippled surface provides more strength than a granton style and less actual contact between blade and food. Use this knife only on wood, plastic, or bamboo cutting boards, or the edge may chip. Pick a western style knife for chopping bones.

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