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Promate Titanium Dive Knife

Plain Blade w/ Cord Cutter, Scuba Diving Sheath

Posted by JT Hats

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Promate Titanium Dive Knife Not many knives get as much public product testing as this Promate Titanium Diving Knife. Watch the survival episodes Bear Grylls filmed in Costa Rica and the Pacific Islands, and you'll see this rugged knife put to hard use.

In saltwater conditions, titanium outperforms stainless steel, offering edge retention and blade strength comparable to steel knives but with less weight and much better corrosion resistance. The 4-3/8-inch blade will need regular but ordinary maintenance, dulling at a normal rate during use, but you won't need to worry about the titanium edge rotting in the sheath. Titanium doesn't corrode even if stored in seawater.

The Promate Diving Knife was designed by scuba divers and includes special features professional divers find handy. The sharp tip and plain cutting edge handle stabbing and slicing tasks, and on the blade spine, you'll find a serrated section for tougher cable-cutting chores. The diving knife's spine also holds a deep notch for quickly severing smaller lines. A rubberized grip fully encloses the knife's tang, and bolsters keep your hand on the grip whether you're cutting with the blade or smashing and banging with the titanium hammerhead in the butt of the handle.

The Promate Titanium Diving Knife comes with an adjustable sheath made to strap securely to arm or leg. The knife snaps into place for secure carry in any position. Although designed especially for divers, the knife offers many features equally useful in survival situations on land.

See the Barracuda Sharp Tip from Promate for another good titanium knife in a larger style.

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