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Boker Arbolito Paring Knife, Bird’s Beak

Peeling 2 1/2 Inch Blade w/ Delrin Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Boker Arbolito Paring Knife, Bird'sNow and then it's nice to just get a good deal, and the Boker Arbolito Peeling Knife qualifies. The construction is simple, and the materials are of good quality.

Bird's Beak paring knives play a part in complex sculpting of fruits and vegetables but also make working with convoluted produce easier and more economical. If you grow your own food, you already know that garden produce doesn't always look like the uniform vegetables customers expect at the grocery shelf. The concave curve of the Bird's Beak follows those difficult contours more accurately than a straight blade, and more food winds up on the table. Home gardeners may not want to invest in a high-end chef's paring knife, but this economical version from Boker Arbolito of Argentina does nearly as well.

The riveted slab handle is made of Delrin, a plastic composite often used in rugged pocket knives and a material you can trust to last in the tough kitchen environment. Steel quality isn't unusual, but the high carbon 440A stainless steel used in this stamped steel blade offers good edge-holding ability and enough strength to survive many years of hard use. The edge is sharpened with the typical short bevel of European prep knives, but a diamond sharpening steel and a few minutes of work can easily improve it. Daily maintenance will be needed if you use the knife frequently, but a few strokes of a honing steel reset the edge quickly.

Knives of this type could be considered dishwasher safe, but if you prefer keeping the edge and polish in good condition, be sure to wash and dry the knife by hand after use.

For a higher-quality version of the Bird's Beak paring knife, see the Henckels S Bird's Beak Knife.

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